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    Hello, welcome to visit the Xiaoya Group home appliance website!


    The 2019 annual sales meeting of shandong duckling group home appliance co., LTD was successfully held

    2019-05-22 09:30:00

    From May 20th to May 21st, the 2019 annual sales meeting of shandong duckling group home appliance co., LTD was successfully held in the conference room on the first floor of the company.


    The sales meeting with the theme of "down-to-earth, self-reliance, burn one's Bridges and rise to the challenge" was presided over by zhao renguo, assistant to the general manager of the home appliance company. Secretary of the party committee of home appliance company, general manager xing zhaobin, leading group of home appliance company and sales managers of major stores in shandong attended the meeting.


    conference site

    Firstly, zhao renguo, assistant to the general manager of the household appliance company, elaborated on the theme of this meeting, and explained in detail a series of issues such as the overall organizational structure adjustment, policy reform, product structure adjustment and multi-brand development strategy of the household appliance company.


    Duckling home appliance company assistant general manager zhao renguo

    In order to realize the common development of home appliance companies and dealers, improve marketing channel construction, and stimulate the development enthusiasm of dealers at all levels, tao dengtao, marketing director of shandong region, in line with the principle of "win-win", elaborated on the annual sales policy of dealers in the new agreement period in 2019.


    Duckling home appliance company shandong region marketing director tao dengtao

    Li ke, marketing director of north China region, explained the work report and arrangement of gome system in detail.


    Duckling home appliance company north China region marketing director li kelai

    Pan xuexun, head of the after-sales service department, and han keqiang, head of the network approval project, respectively explained the after-sales service work arrangement and the new home appliance retail project.


    The duckling Pan Xuexun, head of home appliance company's after-sales service


    Small duck net batch project leader han keqiang

    At the end of the meeting, xing zhaobin, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the home appliance company, made a summary speech.


    Small duck home appliance company party secretary, general manager xing zhaobin summary speech

    Above all, he points out this meeting is a system, comprehensive sale meeting, undertake to the job of current home appliance company sufficient affirmation. Secondly, he stressed that "independence and self-improvement" is the purpose of an enterprise's long-term development, so the appliance company should gradually form a set of independent research and development system, independent production system, independent marketing system and management system. Policy and strategy are the lifeline of the party not only, at the same time also firm the belief that duckling must win, below the leadership of new policy, new strategy, new leader group home appliance company sword feng is signified, invincible, better, faster implementation is all-around revitalize, development.

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