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    Hello, welcome to visit the Xiaoya Group home appliance website!


    Value service


    At present, ducklings have spread over 100 cities, 500 business circles and 200,000 smart stores in China, providing customers with satisfactory service beyond psychological expectations and routine, sublimating brand image and conforming to the service level of internationally renowned brands. In 1995, Duckling Group launched the first "value-added service project" in the industry, which guided the revolution of industry services and became the leader of the industry, and won the first prize in the achievement of national enterprise management modernization.

    The value-added service project requires all employees of duckling group to root "value-added service" in their hearts, deep in their brains, and melt into their blood, so that "value-added service" becomes a kind of value and belief of employees, and then becomes a kind of enterprise culture, a guiding ideology of enterprise management, and a code of conduct for all employees.


    After-sales outlet
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